About us

Each week up to two walks are organised in the Silvercoast region of Portugal

Every Wednesday we hold a short walk (max 7km) and on alternate Fridays we hold a long walk (10 to 20 km).

Most of the walk routes can be downloaded (gpx file) and can be installed on various apps on your mobile phone or tablet.

We maintain a mailing list which I use to send a reminder email, usually on a Sunday, for the following week’s walk(s).  Please use the contact option on this site if you wish to receive the email.  The email simply gives link(s) to the scheduled walks, it doesn’t provide any extra information.

Periodically, we send out an email asking you to confirm  your inclusion in the list.  If you don’t respond I will delete your email address from the list.

Everyone is welcome to join a walk, there is no charge, but people walk at their own risk (see disclaimer).

Dogs are welcome, but must be kept under control.

The area covered by the walks ranges from Paredes in the north to Monte Junto in the South and from the Serra dos Candeeiros in the east to the coast in the west.

Our regular walkers are from a variety of countries: Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, United States of America, Italy, but the common language is English.

As you might expect, most of our walkers are retired, but not necessarily of retirement age.

If you would like to join us you will be made most welcome.

The regular walk leaders:

  • Denise
  • Georges
  • Flynn
  • Mike
  • Warren
  • Chris
  • Geert
  • John (founder of Silver Coast Walks)

For the purposes of this site, the silvercoast region is divided into 17 areas whose names are displayed in the menu on the right hand side bar of the ‘All walks‘ page.  Individual walks are allocated to one of the areas and can be displayed by clicking on an area name in the menu.  

In addition to a descriptive name each area has an ID code and walks in that area use the code followed by a sequence number.

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