Barrantes, Coto ridge and Vale do Coto (mat01L)


Date & Time

Friday September 8, 10:00

The Walk

The ridge at Coto followed by the river valley between Barrantes and Salir de Matos

The walk starts with steep climb through eucalyptus woods to the ridge above Tornada. We follow the ridge into Coto with some road walking and then descend through orchards to the river valley. The track becomes a footpath, which will be rather overgrown and wet after rain, followed by open and wooded land. After walking on the road through Salir do Matos we join a firm, dry track through cultivated land and Orchards.


The walk is about 9 km and is expected to take about 2.5 hrs, plus extra for coffee.

Car meeting and start point


Bridge in the Vale do Coto between Barrantes and Coto

39.442219, -9.112919
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NB.  The flag on the map above shows the car meeting and walk start point.

Coffee Stop

There is the opportunity for a coffee stop in Salir de Matos


  • Walk leader: Geert Franken
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