Salir do Porto Headlands / Chapel / Dune (spo22S)


Date & Time

Wednesday 08 February 2023 10:00

The Walk

A circular walk along the coastal path and inland on sandy tracks

The route starts/ends at the parking area across from the swimming pools in Salir do Porto. It begins with a short walk through the streets of Salir do Porto to the access road to the headland. It follows a gravel road on an uphill grade and passes a couple of windmills. Next the path veers off of the road onto a dirt track and begins a doward slope toward the coast. When it reaches the coast the track turns into a winding, more or less level trail and hugs the coastline winding through coastal scubs with magnificent views of the ocean and coastline.

The trail loops around to the gravel access road to the Chapel of Saint Ann (Capela de Santa Ana). After visiting the chapel, the path turns off of the gravel road into the scrub covered dunes and follows a sandy path to the top of the Salir do Porto Dune.

There are views of Salir do Porto and São Martinho do Porto from the top of the dune. From here you can choose to take a short cut to the completion of the walk by walking / running / tumbling / etc. down the dune, or you can follow the less adventurous path in this trail.


The walk is about 5.4 km and is expected to take about 1.5 hrs.

Car meeting and start point

Parking area in front of the Salir do Porto swimming pools39.500750, -9.151379

Walking route

NB.  The flag on the map above shows the car meeting and walk start point.  If you need directions, click on the flag to display the flag text and click on the itinéraire link to open Google Maps

Coffee Stop

After the walk in Salir do Porto Pools Cafe


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