Walk around Avenida Luis Paiva Sousa – Foz do Arelho (foz01S)

Exploring Foz do Arelho

This walk is a trip from the Miradouro da Foz do Arelho to the direction of Serra do Bouro and then back alongside the Foz do Arelho cliffs to the starting point. The tracks are mostly sandy or grind, normally dry underground

Wednesday 26/06 10:00


Car meeting and start point

Miradouro da Foz do Arelho, which is at the end of the Av. Eng. Paiva de Sousa (when coming from Salir) and Variante Atlantica (when coming from Caldas)

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The walk is about 4 km and is expected to take less than 2 hours

Coffee Stop

Foz do Arelho


NB.  The flag on the map above shows the car meeting and walk start point.


  • Walk leader: Georges Hoeterickx
  • georges@silvercoastwalks.com
  • 0032 477 516370
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