Woodland Walk at Casais do Salir (spo07S)


Date & Time

Wednesday 28th of February, 10:30

The Walk

A walk in the woods near to Salir do Porto

The walk follows sandy tracks through woodland and cultivated fields. The surface is sandy or firm track. There is one stretch of quiet road through Boa Vista and an uphill climb.


The walk is 3 to 6 km and is expected to take about 1.5 to 2 hrs

Car meeting

The parking space opposite the Nascer do Sol restaurante near Salir do Porto at 10:1539.490925,  -9.146069
Click on coordinates to open Google Maps

Starting point

We will drive 1km to the start point in Casais do Salir39.488792, -9.160047
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NB.  The flag on the map above shows the car meeting and walk start point.

Coffee Stop

After the walk at Nascer do Sol or Salir do Porto


  • Walk leader: Flunn Wendling
  • flynn@silvercoastwalks.com
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